Students Create Films from Poetry

Students Create Films from Poetry

The first MSU Filmetry Festival was a collaboration between the Film Studies program in the Department of English and the RCAH Center for Poetry at MSU. Student and faculty filmmakers were paired with Michigan poets to adapt previously written work into new films, or cinepoems. The only stipulation was that the film needed to contain the poem in some form—either written or as text on screen. The result was an evening of fantastic cinematic poetry. Watch the films below.

Film by Nadav Pais-Greenapple
Poem by Dennis Hinrichsen

Film by Marcus Fields
Poem by Thomas Lynch

Cosmic Memory 1 
Film by Peter Johnston
Poem by Cindy Hunter Morgan

Film by Olivia York
Poem by Eben Gering

for the quiet kids who have been told speak up
Film by Ilene Gould
Poem by Grace Carras

Just Dishes
Film by Dave Sheridan
Poem by Anita Skeen

billy bathgate (for chico)
Film by Aileen Dwyer and Jacob Templin-Fulton
Poem by Brian Gilmore

Spare Change
Film by Nala Davis
Poem by Alexis Stark