All Courses in Film Studies

FLM 200: Film Collective (1 cr.)

FLM 211: Documentary History and Theory (3 cr.)

FLM 230: Introduction to Film (4 cr.)

FLM 255: Stars and Directors (3 cr.)

FLM 260: Introduction to Digital Film and Emergent Media (4 cr.)

FLM 300: History of Film to Midcentury (3 cr.)

FLM 301: History of Film after Midcentury (3 cr.)

FLM 311: Introduction to Documentary Production (3 cr.)

FLM 334: Introduction to Screenwriting (3 cr.)

FLM 335: Film Directing (3 cr.)

FLM 336: Aesthetics of Film Editing (3 cr.)

FLM 337: Topics in Film Form (3 cr.)

FLM 350: National and Transnational Cinemas (3 cr.)

FLM 355: Film Genres (3 cr.)

FLM 380: Classical Film and Media Theory (3 cr.)

FLM 381: Contemporary Film and Media Theory (3 cr.)

FLM 400: Seminar in Film History (3 cr.)

FLM 411: Collaborative Documentary Production (3 cr.)

FLM 434: Advanced Screenwriting (3 cr.)

FLM 435A:  Creating the Fiction Film I (3 cr.)

FLM 435B:  Creating the Fiction Film II (3 cr.)

FLM 438: Film Financing, Programming, and Distribution (3 cr.)

FLM 450: Studies in Ethnic Film (3 cr.)

FLM 451: Studies in Postcolonial Cinema (3 cr.)

FLM 452: Studies in Film, Gender, and Sexuality (3 cr.)

FLM 455: Experimental Film and Media (3 cr.)

FLM 460: Seminar in Digital Film and Emergent Media (3 cr.)

FLM 480: Seminar in Film and Media Theory (3 cr.)

FLM 489H: Senior Honors Project

FLM 490: Independent Study (variable cr.)

FLM 491: Special Topics in Film (variable cr.)

FLM 492H: Honors Seminar in Film Studies (variable cr.)

FLM 493: Internship in Film Studies (2–4 cr.)

FLM 499: Senior Thesis (variable cr.)

ENG 231: Film and Literature (4 cr.)

ENG 478A: Literature, Technology, Representation (3 cr.)

ENG 478B: Literature and Visual Culture (3 cr.)

LL 250A: Topics in National Cinemas: German Cinema (3 cr.)

LL 250B: Topics in National Cinemas: East Asian Cinema (3 cr.)

LL 250C: Topics in National Cinemas: Israeli Cinema (3 cr.)

LL 250D: Topics in National Cinemas: Russian and Soviet Cinema (3 cr.)

ROM 355: French, Italian, and Spanish Cinema since 1930 (4 cr.)

THR 304: Topics in Acting/Directing II: Acting for the Camera (3 cr.)

THR 350: Plays as Film (3 cr.)