Our undergrad students run two film clubs dedicated to the study and production of film:

The MSU Film ClubWordPress & Facebook. MSUFC is a student run organization of undergraduates and graduates alike who love watching and talking about films. Every week, we get together to watch a film and discuss it afterwards. Anyone and everyone who loves film and wants to be part of a community with a shared passion for the medium is encouraged to join! Currently, we meet every Friday at 5 pm, in Wells Hall C640.

The MSU Filmmakers Club: Founded by Sam and Ivan Raimi in the early 80’s, the MSU Filmmakers Club is a great way for aspiring students to get connected with the film community. Every aspect of film, from directing, producing, acting, and watching films, is covered here! Participating in multiple film competitions every year such as the “EL Film Festival’s 48/5” and the “Fortnight Film Contest”, being apart of the Filmmakers is sure to provide you with initial experience and networking within the film arena.