The Study of Film and Filmmaking

From Dakar to Hollywood, from the popular to the avant-garde, from the late 19th century to our contemporary moment, film studies explores a range of cinematic practices and ways of thinking about this globalized art form.

Studying film at the university level means taking an interest in film’s artistic as well as cultural meanings. You will develop skills in analyzing, theorizing, and historicizing cinema both in and beyond the multiplex experience. You will also learn to engage familiar films and genres through less familiar methodologies, as well as examine films from different cultures, nations, and moments in time. You may also develop screenwriting as well as filmmaking skills in your classes with us.

Regardless of the path you choose, the study of film will not only enhance your knowledge and appreciation of global cinematic culture, it will also help you to sharpen your critical writing skills, your powers of analytical thought, and your comprehension of how we construct meaning from the moving image.

Graduates of this program are ready for graduate school in film and media studies, entry-level jobs in the film industry, or work in fields like advertising, public relations, and software development that draw upon their skills in visual studies, film language, and critical writing.

Undergraduate students interested in film have a variety of options to pursue, including: 

Film Studies Major

Film Studies Minor

Fiction Filmmaking Minor

Documentary Production Minor

Graduate students should look at the Graduate Certificate in Film Studies as well as the the Department of English’s doctoral track in Film and Visual Culture:

Graduate Certificate in Film Studies

Film and Visual Culture Doctoral Track