The Film Studies Program has cultivated a core faculty of internationally recognized scholars and filmmakers in Film Studies. Film Studies faculty maintain a rigorous publishing record, and in addition, the program also has recognized strengths in film production, with faculty actively teaching screenwriting and production courses, while producing highly successful, award-winning fiction and documentary works of their own that have screened at a variety of film festivals.

Across our faculty’s research interests, publications, and productions, the Film Studies Program has clear and recognized strengths in independent, minor, avant-garde, and silent cinemas. Our faculty also have strong commitments to studying film in its global and transnational configurations, with particular emphases on films made in the global south, third and fourth world filmmaking, and diasporic and accented cinema. Methodologically, media archaeology is a defining strength of the program, in that our faculty’s research looks at the sedimented ways in which historical modes of knowledge and ideology interweave through modern and modernist forms of media production, from nineteenth-century practices through silent and classical cinema and into our globalized digital culture.

Core Faculty

Kaveh Askari

Director of Film Studies

Post-Doc/Research Associate

Digital Media/Film Production Manager


Professor & Chair of English

Assistanat Professor


Professor & Timnick Chair in the Humanities



Professor Ken Harrow

Visiting Faculty

Margo Sawaya, Assistant Professor, Fixed-Term (2023–present)

Professor Rick Blackwood (2018–present)

Professor Robert Burgoyne (2020–present)

Dr. Matthew Holtmeier (2017–present): summer instruction

Dr. Jordan Schonig, Assistant Professor, Fixed-Term (2019–20)

Dr. Mikki Kressbach, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (2018–19)

Dr. Mihaela Mihailova, Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow (2017–18)

Affiliated Faculty

Safoi Babana-Hampton (Romance & Classical Studies)

Marc Bernstein (Linguistics & Languages and Jewish Studies)

Scott Boehm (Romance & Classical Studies)

Juliet Guzzetta (English and Romance & Classical Studies)

Troy Hale (Media & Information)

Tama Lynne Hamilton-Wray (Residential College in the Arts and Humanities)

Gary Hoppenstand (English)

David Humphrey (Linguistics & Languages)

Sheng-Mei Ma (English)

Jason Merrill (Linguistics & Languages)

Scott Michaelsen (English)

Elizabeth Mittman (Linguistics & Languages)

Stephen Rachman (English)

Tze-Lan Sang (Linguistics & Languages)

Jyotsna Singh (English)

Daniel T. Smith, Jr. (Theatre)

Lily Woodruff (Art, Art History, and Design)

Administrative Staff

Kaveh Askari, Director of Film Studies:

Peter Johnston, Film and Digital Media Production Manager:

Jeff Wray, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies in English: