2021 Filmetry Festival

The 2021 Filmetry Festival was broadcast live on YouTube on April 21st. Over 80 viewers watched live, and the archived program has been viewed over 400 times. Based on poetry from the anthology Voices Amidst the Virus, the program included work from 33 filmmakers and poets. For the first time for the festival, 2 pieces created by student poets and filmmakers in English and Film classes were also chosen to be included. The work was deeply moving and cathartic through this impossibly difficult year.

Featured Films

Student Film Selections

Student poets in ENG 229: Intro to Poetry Writing were challenged to write a piece related to the COVID19 pandemic by their professor and cofounder of the festival, Cindy Hunter Morgan. Those poems were then given to filmmakers from Pete Johnston’s FLM260: Intro to Digital Media class, where they could choose one to produce as a film. Two of our favorite films were chosen to be included in the 2021 festival.

2020 Vision
poem by Natalie Mannino
film by Maddie Katz

poem by Loren Rascoe
film by Carlos Lundback

Anthology Selections

Potatoes, Their Various Moods
poem by Eileen Cleary
film by Aileen Dwyer

One Theory
poem by Hannah H. Larrabee
film by Olivia York

Pandemic Spring
poem by Frances Donovan
film by Tommy Ruth

poem by Peleg Held
film by Nick Lyskawa

How to Make a No-Sew Coronavirus Face Mask From a Poem
poem by Wendy Drexler
film by Joe Johnston

six feet
poem by Danielle Legros Georges
film by Pete Johnston

Dear Johnny Cash
poem by Cindy Hunter Morgan
film by Pete Johnston

Passcode: 2021
In This Way
poem by Kevin Prufer
film by Marcus Fields

In the Season of COVID
a poem by Christine Jones
a film by Sarah Kutchinski

Plague Anatomy
poem by Jon D. Lee
film by Norman Luo